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We can handle:

  • up to 16' wide / 74' long structures
  • Decks, cottages, small buildings
  • Mobile and Mini homes

We are up to date with the Department of Transportation Regulations. We can supply and install anchors and strapping for modular, mobile & mini homes as per Insurance regulations.

We have:

  • Special carriages to carry mobiles that no longer have their axles/wheels.
  • Variety of hitches for those that no longer have their own

We can help guide an individual on the preperation and process of obtaining and moving their home to their own property.

  • Find out if the home can be placed on the land
  • Obtain the appropriate permits (ex: sceptic, wells, etc.)
  • Help with information on what is needed for hooking up a home (ex: power, etc.)
  • Help arrange financing for your move upon request.

We are experienced in every step of the process. We can help you make your move as simple and effortless as possible.

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Phone: 506-640-3500
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Email: wecook@nb.sympatico.ca